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16th July 2014

Video with 1 note

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s got nothin’ on Lou Ferrigno! ‘Hercules’ (1983), with ‘Hercules in New York’ (1969), July 27 at Freddy’s.

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15th July 2014


Before he was a governor, he was a demigod! Double Hercules, July 27 at Freddy’s.

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14th July 2014


Our Summer Blockbuster Smackdown hits its stride with Hercules x 2 — July 27 at Freddy’s.

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3rd June 2014


Check out our favorite home video logo from Golan-Globus’s Cannon ¬†Films… sound familiar?

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30th May 2014


CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC (1980), June 22 at Freddy’s.

"It’s the musical extravaganza that launches the ’80s."

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29th May 2014

Video with 1 note

THE APPLE (1980), coming June 22 to Freddy’s.

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28th May 2014

Video with 1 note

Guttenberg. On roller skates. In split screen. You know you can’t get enough.

CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC (1980), coming 6/22 to Freddy’s.

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27th May 2014


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14th April 2014

Video with 3 notes

Gettin’ weird, April 27 at Freddy’s

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19th March 2014


Shat-ening this Sunday at Freddy’s

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